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Jade's current session price is: $150 per session.
To book a session, you can email  or text: 9795756745😊

Sessions are typically about 2 or 3 hours long. All sessions come to a natural, peaceful, closing state at the end⭐
If a session does not come to a natural end within the first 2 or 3 hours, the session can go longer if needed. Jade does not put definitive time limits on her sessions, because she does not want to make you, the client, feel rushed in any way during your session. Jade's intention is to help you get the emotional support/healing that you need for your healing journey. Sessions can go up to 4 or 5 hours. If you personally have time constraints and need to end your session at a particular time, that is completely respected, and Jade is happy to honor your time boundaries. Simply let Jade know what time you need to end your session, and she will bring it to an end for you. Jade simply does not want to make you feel rushed. That is why she does not set strict time limits on her clients' sessions😊

--Jade recommends starting with one or two session per month for the first few months. This allows for your emotional body to receive a deep inner healing. However, you should always listen to your intuition to figure out how many sessions feel best for you and your healing journey.--

Inner healing work is similar to going to the gym....We normally don't expect to get six pack abs after going to the gym one time. We know that it takes time, dedication and practice. So if we want to feel emotionally healthy, we can expect that it will also involve consistency, self care and dedication. Often, the best things in life involve dedication and practice.
You can view Jade as a personal trainer/coach, who's role is to support you as you work your way towards feeling more emotionally healthy and fit⭐



Spiritual Coaching Services Currently Offered:

RAPID TRANSFORMATIONAL THERAPY™(RTT) HEALING: RTT™ healing is a technique created by Marisa Peer, one of the top Therapists in the UK. This technique is used to heal emotional pain or trauma. It is used to release and transform past pain and create inner healing and positivity. Jade’s intention in using this technique is to empower and to help the client understand/enhance energy and inner sense of wellbeing.


COMPLETION PROCESS™ (CP): the COMPLETION PROCESS™ was created by Spiritual Revolutionary, Teal Swan. This technique is used to heal emotional pain or trauma on the somatic/cellular level. It is used to release and transform past pain and create inner healing and positivity. Jade’s intention in using this technique is to empower the client and to help the client understand/enhance their energy and inner sense of wellbeing.

PARTS WORK: PARTS WORK is the process of accessing different parts of the subconscious mind. This technique can be used to more deeply understand what is going on in a person's subconscious. By understanding the subconscious, the client may be able to attain more clarity and understanding as to why they are feeling and experiencing certain things in their life.

DREAMWORK: DREAMWORK is a method of analyzing and understanding dreams. This process uses visualization tools and parts work to allow the client to more deeply understand the information contained in a dream. This is a wonderful technique for accessing the subconscious mind. By accessing the subconscious mind in this way, we are able to connect the information found in the dream to what is happening in the client's current, daily life. And we are also able to use the information that comes from the dream to help the client heal.

SOUND HEALING:  SOUND HEALING is the use of sound as a relaxation tool. This is a subtle non-invasive technique that uses sound to create a soothing environment for the client to relax and process/release tension. This type of activity has the potential to ease tension and to reduce the feeling of stress in the body.

REIKI: REIKI is the ancient spiritual tradition of gently channeling a “Divinely guided life-force energy” into the body. This life force energy is often referred to as “the force,” “prana” or “qi” in many religions and spiritual practices. This energy brings vibrancy to the body as the body naturally heals. When a REIKI healer channels this healing energy, the healer encourages the client’s body, heart and mind to naturally relax/heal through ‘hands-on-healing’ which includes gently placing the palms of the hands on the client or by ‘distance healing’ which includes holding the mental intention to share this energy with the client without any physical contact at all. The body is learning how to better relax and heal on its own.


MEDITATION: MEDITATION is the act of observing one’s thoughts or purposefully guiding one’s own thoughts. Guided meditation is the process of being gently led by a guide through prompted thoughts or mental images. Meditation is intended to deepen relaxation and calm the mind. Meditation gives the opportunity to become more aware of one's own energy since meditation provides the time and space to observe thoughts and sensations in the body.

THE EMOTION CODE™: the EMOTION CODE is a technique designed to tap into the subconscious mind and release old emotional baggage from the client’s energy field.

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