Why did I start studying mental, emotional and physical health? How did I discover that you can heal your body by using your mind? :)


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Ever since I was a kid, I thought it was important to consume foods that were healthy. However, like a lot of people, I ate the foods that were conveniently found in my kitchen or at nearby restaurants.


Being a Mexican American, you could pretty much always find me with nachos, enchiladas, tamales or ice cream in my mouth. However, as I entered junior high school, I realized that most of my extended family was suffering from diabetes, chronic pain and multiple other life threatening diseases. And I, myself, had suffered from chronic excruciating abdominal pain and digestive issues since birth. So I decided to change the way I treated my body.


Thus, I changed my diet and worked out a lot more. It was a slow change, but by the time I graduated from high school, I was a vegan and had a strict workout regimen. And after graduation I was soon to be exposed to even more healing therapies!


After I graduated from high school, we discovered that my mom had kidney and liver cancer. Instead of using chemotherapy or radiation, we decided to use naturopathic healing methods.** I had been exposed to naturopathic healing methods before, but this was a whole new level! Using extensive biofeedback machines every month, my mom was monitored and treated for her emotions as well as her organs and cell health. We were told exactly what types of juices and supplements would best serve her body's healing process. Thus she was drinking tons of fresh juices and consuming lots of different natural supplements. She also was told to do coffee enemas 4 times a day. She increased her exercise and switched to a raw vegan diet. The results were absolutely astonishing! My mom's cancer was untraceable within three months. This was when I realized the importance of one's diet.


I have been a raw vegan ever since graduating from high school. As my mom went raw vegan for her health. I decided to try it with her. And to tell you the truth, I loved it! :) The only thing that I consume now, which is cooked, is sweet potatoes. But other than that, I find being a raw vegan way easier for my life. I'm not saying a raw vegan diet is good for everyone, I just like it better! I think we should all just eat what makes us feel good :)

Emotional Health

Watching my mom heal, I thought diet and exercise were the only things that really affected the human body as far as health goes. But I soon found out that one's thoughts and emotions have a far greater effect than I ever could have guessed.

While my mom was healing, I noticed that her naturopathic doctors spent a lot of time on her emotional state. Their biofeedback machines were amazing. They picked up "emotional wounds" going all the way back to birth and even emotional scars dating back to inside the womb. For example, if my grandmother had undergone stress with my mom in her tummy, my grandmother's emotions were passed on to my mom and could be treated and healed right here and now! I thought that this was amazing and super weird, too. I actually thought it was unnecessary. I did not think emotional health was that important when it came to "overall physical health." But I would soon found out just the opposite!

After mom healed, I kept going to college. I maintained an extremely healthy diet, and I worked out all the time. However, I demanded way too much from my body, and I was in a deep state of depression. And much to my surprise, it was this state of mind/being that caused me to develop an autoimmune symptoms. I had no idea that emotions were so powerful.


Like most people, I learned to hide my feelings deep inside. "Feelings are not important." I had grown "emotionally ignorant" at a young age. When I was about six years old, I remember making the decision to never allow myself to feel negative emotion. Never feel pain. Just smile. And in truth, I was really successful at doing that. Before making the decision to stop feeling pain, I had been a super sensitive child. I was what many would call over sensitive or empathic. I would cry when others felt pain or if someone or something else got hurt.


However, when I started school, I noticed that children would make fun of me for this sensitivity. They laughed if I cried over grasshoppers getting hurt... And yes, I actually did that. I cried over the grasshoppers getting hurt. I specifically remember one day in kindergarten, I witnessed kids killing grasshoppers. I fell to my knees and cried for the innocent grasshoppers and the kids involved. This was apparently not a "cool move." And the kids laughed at me calling me names. After many other similar experiences involving friends and family members, I finally decided to smile even if it hurt. Don't ever let another person see me cry.

So by the end of high school, I seemed to be all smiles. Many referred to me as Miss social butterfly and the girl who was always happy. However, no one knew that I was really very sad inside. I would sit alone and cry for hours in my room. I hid my tears from everyone including my parents. I would stay in my room and pretend to study. My parents had no reason to question me. I was the perfect student with a 4.0 average, and I was always working and smiling in public. My goal was to appear perfect, and I was good at it.

However, I soon found out that if you are in pain, yes emotional pain is real pain, it is best to swallow your pride and admit it. Ask for help. Trying to mask pain with a fake smile makes it worse! I wish I would have known this sooner! Haha But I was hard headed and pretended to be fine as long as I could. I ignored my pain and hid it from everyone except my cat. My cat was the only one who saw me cry. I tried to push the pain away. My body started getting weak till eventually my organs were shutting down. I gained 30 lbs in about 2 months. I went from having strait A's to failing all my classes. My parents would ask me if I felt ok. And of course I would put on a smile. But eventually my skin began to develop acne, sores and painful rashes everywhere. So I could not hide my pain anymore. And finally my mom forced me to go to her naturopathic doctor. On the way to the doctor, I broke. I finally exposed all of the emotional pain and brokenness I felt inside. Being a child is hard, and trying to be other people's idea of perfect was destroying me. I was destroying myself. Taking on way too many responsibilities and letting other people abuse and take advantage of me all the time.

When I went to the doctors, they immediately told me that I had to stop working all the time and doing so many extracurricular activities. It was killing me from the inside out. I was dying from over exhaustion and extreme depression. My body was shutting down. All of my organs were deteriorating. There was no physical cause. It was simply stemming from my emotional state. I was so upset, and this made me even sicker.


I was so covered in rashes and skin wounds. I was embarrassed to walk around outside. If someone I knew walked by me, I would hide hoping that they did not see me. And even more unfortunately, when people who knew me did happen to see me, many would immediately ask, "what's wrong with you?" I could not escape from myself. I could not stand living with myself.

I would sit and cry for hours saying, "I'm so ugly. I'm so unlovable." Then one day, my mom gently said, "Jade, I love you and no matter how you look on the outside, you will always look the same on the inside." I remember a wave of warmth washing over me. That was the day I started to heal! :D I just needed to remember that I was loved! Apparently I had forgotten that important fact long ago!

As the months went by, my naturopathic doctors were able to get my organs back to functioning. They told me that I would probably need consistent supplemental treatments for the rest of my life to keep my body and organs healthy. Even knowing this, I decided to move to Los Angeles after college. I figured I would still be able to find naturopathic doctors there, and I would be fine.

However, when I moved to Los Angeles, my depression deepened, and I felt even more alone. I missed my family and I felt like I had no one. I am sure that there were people I could have turned to, but in my mind, I was alone. Totally lost and forgotten. Out of desperation, I searched for naturopathic medicine or energy healing. And I happened to find a healing/yoga studio 3 minutes from my apartment. That is when my life changed!

The first class that I happened to walk into was "hypnotherapy." This class was amazing. It was the first time that I had ever taken a moment to close my eyes and look inward. It was the first time ever in my life that I stopped searching the outside world for love and validation. I looked into my own heart. This class exposed me to the power of imagination and the healing properties of the mind.

I was about to enter a new journey! A journey of self discovery! A journey of healing! A journey of totally healing and accepting myself! :D

Every week I would go to this class and other similar classes focused on healing emotional wounds. I learned about meditation and about crystals and the energy centers in the body. I also learned that I had the power to change and create a beautiful life using my thoughts and emotions! I used these tools to heal my depression. Within a few months I was amazed to find that body was naturally healing itself! I had no idea this would happen! As time went on, my doctors were amazed. My body had put itself back together and my mental state was steadily improving! Plus my life drastically improved. Where there once stood a lonely, rejected child, a beautiful flower stood surrounded by loving friends and family.

My looks went back to the way they had been before college, which most people claimed I was very beautiful. However, I did not ever see myself as beautiful before. But now, my attitude towards myself and my life was drastically changing. I was slowly starting to see the shimmer in my eyes and the beauty in my face and spirit. I was growing to love me from the inside out. Now, am I perfect at doing this? Absolutely not, but I am getting better at loving myself and others everyday. I am learning to love myself and life more and more, and I have taken this as my life purpose.

As I continued to practice healing my thoughts and focusing on a better life, I stumbled upon the most amazing things! I found out that the universe is SO COOL! I have been diving into how the body works, quantum physics, and what they don't teach us in school. I was always a studious kid, and that has not changed. Now, I simply study the material that I enjoy. No more looking to teachers or someone outside of me to teach me the rules of life. I have been discovering that there really are no rules to life except the ones you create for yourself. So choose your rules wisely! You are the creator of your universe and your life! :D

Everyday is new with amazing new discoveries! And this is where the story gets good... to be continued! Haha


**If you'd like to know more information about the doctors we went to, here are their websites:

Lisa Setser: www.bridgetowellness.com

Allyn Hall Newton: www.drallynnewton.com

Yummy Foods
Essential Oils

My favorite foods are pretty much every orgainic raw fruit and veggie! I love spouted seeds and other super foods too! I think we should all just eat what makes us feel good :)

Having Fun

it is important to have fun! I love meditating, dancing, singing, yoga, drawing and working out, so I make sure that I make time to do those things!


I also love spending time with my family and friends... and of course playing with my pets!


Where ever you find pure, healthy joy, try to do that activity! I was taught in college to find the things that make you feel stronger after you're done doing them! Then do those a lot. They strengthen your soul and spirit.

I am a huge fan of essential oils! I have been using Young Living Essential oils for several years, and I am pretty sure that I find more uses for the oils every day! Haha


Not only do the oils provide great health benefits, but they also smell fantastic! Lol


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Enjoy the Little Things

One of my favorite things to do is to simply walk outside.

Everything is so beautiful in the world around us, and I it is important to take time to see the beauty. Sometimes we let the chaos of life consume our energy and make us feel weak.


I'm not saying that I'm perfect at keeping myself peaceful, calm and balanced in all aspects of my life. However, I do my best to remember to be thankful for the world I live in and enjoy the little things.