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Jade's Biography

Jade is an Spiritual Healer. She uses meditation techniques and sound frequencies to transform discomfort into health/wholeness. She is a connection coach. She teaches her clients how to develop a deeper, richer and more vibrant emotional connection with their own bodies, hearts and minds. By enhancing this innate connection, clients are more easily able to connect to others in their life and have a richer life experience. Jade focuses on bringing the mind/body/spirit into a state of harmony, wholeness and coherence by processing/releasing old emotional baggage and taking the time to truly connect to our own bodies, hearts and minds.


After struggling with illness and anxiety/depression throughout her childhood, Jade learned how to heal her body and her life through energy work. She now loves teaching others how they too can create a healthy mind and body... leading to a happier life.


Jade enjoys studying consciousness and the human mind/body/spirit connection. She believes the body is like a beautiful symphony; each cell plays a unique note, vibrating at an optimal speed or frequency to create harmony and flow in one's body and life. When cells vibrate at a less than optimal speed due to stress or trauma, this causes disharmony/disease in the body/life. Jade uses healing frequencies created in shadow work, sound baths, meditation, reiki, yoga and other spiritual activities to bring cells back into harmony.


More about Jade's musical background...

Jade has an extensive background in music/singing. Over the last 19 years, she has toured and collaborated with many incredibly talented artists and Grammy award winning musicians. Because of her extensive musical background, Jade's sound therapy sessions and sound baths are unique. Her voice/style adds an ethereal quality to the sounds produced. Jade uses her voice to entrain or retune the cells of the body. She also uses her voice to soothe and relax the listener. This allows for a deeper meditative state and for rapid healing to take place. When the body and mind are relaxed, the body is able to heal easier and faster. Her musical gifts intertwine with her intuitive healing abilities to create an experience of healing and art.


Jade has been touring as a professional singer since age 10. She toured with many different types of bands, singing different genres, and she has been blessed to work with many incredibly talented people, Grammy award winning musicians, and singers. Each individual that Jade has interacted with greatly impacted her and her musical style. It is the culmination of Jade's raw soul energy mixed with all the experiences she has gathered over her life that make her voice sound so captivating and unique.


While growing up, Jade toured all over the US performing on different stages. She shared the stage with Josh Abbot Band, Kevin Fowler, and Gary Allan, played for over 100,000 people at Tejano festivals, opened for major Blues artists like Barbara Lynn, performed at several collegiate and national sporting events, and toured with legends such as Moe Bandy, Ray Price, Connie Smith, Leona Williams, Johnny Rodriguez and John Conlee. She even had the chance to jump on the Hard Rock stage at the CMA Music Festival, quickly filling an otherwise empty parking lot, and promptly receiving invitations to perform at many other popular venues while she was in town.


At age fifteen, she started touring with John Conlee as a featured artist in the John Conlee Show. She also continued to tour as a solo artist and included a variety of music in her shows. She performed anything from blues, country, Motown, Tejano, pop and rock. She often performed at community activities, charity events, and fundraisers.


In May 2015, Jade graduated from Texas A&M University with her business degree. After college, Jade moved to Los Angeles where she made amazing, inspiring friends. She enjoyed performing with some of the most amazing artists she had ever met, and she cultivated an even deeper appreciation for the beauty of music. While in Los Angeles, Jade also developed a deep love for the metaphysical healing arts and began practicing several different healing art forms along with her music. She learned to combine her musical talents and her passion for of health and wholeness!

Jade's Spiritual Healing Background

In the state of Colorado, I (Jade Cienega) am referred to as a Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practitioner. 


The services I, Jade Cienega, provide are as follows: Sound Healing, Reiki, Reiki Classes, Meditation, Crystal Healing, Essential Oils, Tarot Readings, the Emotion Code™, and Rapid Transformational Therapy™, Completion Process™, Parts work, Dreamwork. My intention in offering my services is always to help educate the client as to how they can create a greater state of wholeness, wellness and connection within themselves.


My professional degrees, training, experience, credentials and qualifications are as follows:


Reiki: I began to practice Reiki in 2015. I became a Reiki Master/Teacher in February of 2018. I took Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki Masters and Reiki Teacher’s courses with Jennifer Lakhmi Chand, Debbie Hawksworth, and Donna Martley at the school of Reiki for LYFE in Los Angeles, California. Since 2015, I regularly practiced Reiki at yoga studios, wellness centers, drug rehab centers and cancer support centers. In all cases, the Reiki was used as a tool to increase relaxation and reduce stress. Since 2015, I have conducted several hundred group healings as well as hundreds of individual sessions.


Sound Healing: I have always believed that music/sound has the potential to heal the heart and touch the soul. I have been a professional musician since 2003. At age 11, I began touring as a vocalist with Grammy Award winning musicians and artists. Over the years, I began to notice the profound healing effects music had on me and others around me. My sound healing techniques are greatly influenced by my childhood experiences with music, my mainstream musical background and my Reiki training. In my Reiki training, I was taught that sound is a powerful stimuli for healing the energy centers of the body. Near the end of 2016, I began conducting sound healing sessions for individual clients. In 2017, I started performing group sound healings in my home. In 2018, I began performing group sound healing sessions in wellness centers and drug rehab centers in Los Angeles. Since 2016, I have conducted hundreds of sound healing sessions for groups and individuals.


Meditation: As part of my Reiki training, I was taught how to guide meditations and create unique meditations for individual clients and group classes. I have led hundreds of group and individual meditations since 2015.


Crystal Healing: During my Reiki training, I was also taught how to incorporate crystals into my Reiki sessions. I have used many different crystals in hundreds of group and individual healing sessions.


Tarot Readings: I have been doing energy readings for people since I was a very young child. In 2015, I started practicing Tarot and Oracle Card readings for people who request some energetic guidance. All of my readings are intended to empower my clients, and allow us to see where we are currently sitting with our energy. My readings are not intended to give advice, they are simply an energetic pick me up/ snapshot of our current energetic state.


The Emotion Code™: In 2018 I began to read and study about the Emotion Code. In February of 2020, I completed my Emotion Code Practitioner training with Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Discover Healing program. Since starting in 2018, I have conducted several hundred sessions.


Rapid Transformational Therapy™ Healing: In 2015, I began participating in spiritual hypnotherapy classes, soul retrievals, and deep inner child/soul healing work. I noticed that this deep inner soul work had a wonderful impact on me, so in the summer of 2020 I chose to join the school of Rapid Transformational Therapy™ founded by Marisa Peer. Rapid Transformational Therapy™ is a combination of many different healing modalities all in one, and it serves as a powerful, soul healing technique. I completed my practitioner training in January of 2021. Since first being introduced to inner child work/soul healing in 2015, I have conducted several hundred sessions.


Completion Process™: Similar to Rapid Transformational Healing, the Completion Process™ is focused on inner child work, soul retrieval and shadow work. This process was created by the Spiritual Catalyst and Revolutionary, Teal Swan. I became aware of this technique in 2015, and I began practicing this technique on myself and others soon after discovering it. I love guiding people through the process, and I apply the spiritual healing ideologies of this technique to my daily life. In 2021, I applied to take a training course in this technique, and I was chosen, in a highly competitive process, by Teal Swan and her team to personally study with Teal Swan. I was so excited to study with such a phenomenal, revolutionary teacher. Since learning about this technique in 2015, I have conducted over a thousand of sessions.


Parts Work: Parts work is the process of accessing different parts of the subconscious mind. I started practicing parts work in 2015, and I was personally coached by Teal Swan in the process of how to facilitate parts work in a healing session. Since starting to practice parts work in 2015, I have conducted hundreds of sessions.


Dreamwork: Dreamwork is a method of analyzing dreams and understanding their "hidden messages." I began to practice dreamwork in 2014, after learning about the power of dreams from several different books and teachers. I came upon Teal Swan's Dreamwork technique in 2015, and I began to deeply dive into this technique. Since I first started practicing this technique, I have performed hundreds of dreamwork sessions.


**All of my services are offered under the umbrella of Spiritual Energy Healing/Coaching and are conducted in a spiritual scope.**

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