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Firefly Poem... i don't write poetry much, but here goes nothing :)

You left two days ago

already it feels like two years

the baby sits staring at me

i don't know what to do

i tell him you are coming back

and in truth i know you are

however, i feel like a lier

when i tell him you'll be back soon

when i walk inside

i expect to see you there

but then i remember you're not

and i beg you please hurry home

so we can climb mountains together

or go to the beach

i miss your smiling face

and your arms that keep me warm

at least I'm glad to know

that i love being with you

cause when you are gone

every room looks so dark

i am so lucky

the heavens lead me to you

you are a beautiful firefly

who flew into my once cold and lonely heart

hooded person walking through a dark walkway. Fireflies are lighting up the trees near the walk way.

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