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Hypnotherapy Magic! :)..."Close Your Eyes, Get Free"

Matt Belair's "Master Mind, Body Spirit Show" is one of my favorite podcasts! I love this podcast, because even if I do not fully agree with every idea his guests present, my mind is constantly expanded just by entertaining the ideas present.

This episode is one of my faves, because it focuses on hypnosis and dives super in depth into how hypnosis works in the brain as well as how it affects your life. I personally have a sweet spot for hypnosis, because my introduction to the esoteric world was through hypnosis! Since my initial intro 2 and half years ago, I have enjoyed hundreds of group sessions as well as one on one hypnotherapy sessions. Every single session has provided me with deep insight into my thought process and helped explain why I am the way I am. And best of all, I get to rewire my brain into a more desired state of thinking. Thus, I am able to create a more positive state of being and living!

In this interview, Grace Smith talks about the many lives she has touched and the people she has healed over the years by using hypnosis. The things she has seen heal range from paralysis to finger nail biting to fear of flying. Her book, "Close Your Eyes, Get Free" goes even deeper into details on how hypnosis works and examples of how her clients benefit.

The interview/her book discuss how hypnosis was used way back in ancient egypt by the healers and was used as an alternative to anesthesia by surgeons during the world wars. Today, hypnotherapy is still used as an alternative to anesthesia if the patient does not want to receive or is allergic to the sedative.

I love hypnotherapy and I would highly recommend trying it. Of course, it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is totally worth testing out the waters :)

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