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Love the Real Me

I am not the girl

That you think I am

I get lonely

And I even get sad

I know its hard to believe

Because I always wear a smile

But the truth is

That I get scared every once in a while

I get scared that no one will ever

Love me the way I am

I get scared that you'll push me away

And you'll tell me that I'm bad

I'm sorry if I'm not the girl you were looking for

It's ok if you leave me broken

And hurt like before

The truth is that the truth

Is hard for me to speak

I'm scared that if you know the truth

You will think I'm weak

But now I stand before you

To let you see inside

I've grown tired of wearing a mask

I no longer want to hide

If you stay or if you go

I know I'll be ok

I want to be with the ones who love the real me

And do not push her away

If you want people to love you for who you truly are, you have to let them in. Let them see the real you. Vulnerability is beautiful and takes great courage. Slowly begin to open your heart in safe places. Look for those who will accept you and let the others go :)

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