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School kid in me

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

i wish that i was cool

like the other kids in school

i wish that i was skinny

so people would call me pretty

i wish that i had friends

so i did not have to be alone on weekends

i wish that i was smart

and super good at art

someday maybe i will change

i will be pretty and tall, how strange!

maybe then ill also have a cool cat

and look super stylish wearing a pretty hat

maybe ill even have a fancy car

that takes me to the beach or to a cool bar

ill look so cool holding one of those wine cups

wow im going to be such a cool grown up!

...just fyi... i really did not change all that much as i grew up! I'm still short and seeking acceptance, just like everyone else. I'm also still quirky too! hahaha.... sending love to all the little kiddies out there and the grown ups kids too ;)

The first pic is me at 12. The other is me at 26. Still the same little kid inside :)

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