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What is this Blog?

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

This is simply a blog about all my random interests and making my life into art :) Most of my interests tend to be about consciousness and how to grow as a person. But I never know what kind of wacky thing I may dig into next :) everyday i feel surprised by the cool information floating around out there!

Feel Goods

I love feeling good, so most of the information will be to help others feel good! Feeling good in life, in the mind, in the body in the soul! All SO important... to me at least! :D


If you disagree with anything presented on this website or blog, I am completely ok with that! In fact, I think it is wonderful if you have a different perspective. I am simply presenting my ideas, and they could be wrong or at least different than others. I am perfectly fine with being wrong. Knowing that there is good chance I am wrong or don't know the whole story is my inspiration to learn more and keep growing! I am happy to admit that I don't know everything. Life would be super boring if I did. :) So enjoy my wackiness and growing awareness. It is what makes me... ME! :)

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