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You can see

When you fall asleep tonight

Rest assured all will be alright

You are safe and you are sound

You can close your eyes, hear your heart pound

You know the day is soon coming

When you will experience your home coming

You'll remember who you truly are

A divine child made from the light of a star

A being so powerful and bright

No darkness can ever dim your light

You will awaken to truth in your bones

And you'll know you were never alone

For you came here to experience confusion

You came here to break out of this a silly illusion

You'll know the power that lies within

And laugh at the dream you were trapped in

For you intended to be free

So open your eyes, finally you can see

I feel I channeled this poem thru my guides. They want me and all of us to remember that we are beings made of divine light. We are free. All we have to is take off our blinders and remember who we are :)

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