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Helpful Books and Videos

Books that changed My Life and just may transform your life too

Healing Books:

Helpful Books for Relationship Building. All relationships are the same. It is about creating connection, understanding and acceptance. If you can create positive relationships with yourself, you can create positive relationships with others. And if you can create positive, healthy relationships with others, you can create healthy relationships with yourself. It is all the same. Learning to love and connect on a deep level. Loving people exactly where they are in life and loving yourself exactly where you are :)

Cool books about the Universe:

Books that inspire More Joy in life!

Great Youtube Resources

This video is wonderful in explaining how the mind and brain work together, and how we can heal our mind (and brain, too)!
The Master Mind Body Spirit Show is one of my favorite podcasts! Check out this episode! There are tons of amazing episodes!!! :D
One of my favorite channelers who talks about Plannet Earth and Energy shifts is Micheila Sheldon. Check out this video and if you like it, definitely check out more :)
Another Channeler that I love listening to is Marina Jacobi. She teaches all about quantum physics! Check out her material and see if it resonates with you :)
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