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Crystal Images

Where is the Evidence?

Does energy/sound really do anything???


Check out these:

...beautiful images

...and realtime video


Water crystals exposed to the words "Thank You." Photo credit to Dr. Masaru Emoto.

I am a very evidence driven person. I like to see the physical, cold hard facts. So I'd like to present to you the physical, beautiful effect frequency/energy has on water and other matter.

But before we get into the evidence and images, lets be reminded that the human body is made of at least 70 percent water. So as you look at these images here, remember that this is the stuff that makes up your human body!... That's so cool! So this is a real life image of what the water cells inside your body could look like depending on the types of words that you say to yourself as well as the environment you are in currently.

John Lennon Imagine 20200619_112452.jpg

Water Crystal exposed to John Lennon's "Imagine." Photo credit to Dr. Masaru Emoto

Ave Maria 20200619_112133.jpg

Water Crystal exposed to Schubert's "Ave Maria." Photo credit to Dr. Masaru Emoto


Water Crystal exposed to Mozart's "Symphony No. 40." Photo credit to Dr. Masaru Emoto


Water Crystal exposed to words "Love and Gratitude." Photo credit to Dr. Masaru Emoto


Water Crystal exposed to word "Truth." Photo credit to Dr. Masaru Emoto

Now for the images... :)


The images on this page were taken by a scientist named Dr. Masaru Emoto and his team of researchers. 

Dr. Emoto's research found that when he froze water, he could use a high powered microscope to take pictures of the individual water crystals. He was amazed to find how beautiful the crystals were. Just like snowflakes falling from the sky, as the water froze, it formed beautiful little shapes that he could capture on film.

What's even more astonishing is that he found that the water crystals would change shape depending on what they were exposed to before being frozen.

He would play different types of music near the water, pray over the water, say different words to the water, and every time he did this, he and his colleagues discovered that each stimulus had its own unique effect on the water crystals.

Positive words and music would create beautiful, symmetrical shaped crystals, while denser words and less positive music would produce broken, asymmetrical crystals.

All of these pictures are showing the effect different types of stimulus had on the water molecules and the crystal shapes. It seems that water has some type of memory and can take on the energetic shape of the stimuli around it.

If you enjoy the images and info presented here, you can check out Dr. Emoto's books. He published several different books showing the effect energy, words and music have on water. 

Beethoven destiny 20200619_112344.jpg

Water Crystal exposed to Beethoven's "Destiny." Photo credit to Dr. Masaru Emoto


Water Crystal exposed to Heavy Metal Music. Photo credit to Dr. Masaru Emoto


Water Crystal exposed to Elvis's "Heart Break Hotel." Photo credit to Dr. Masaru Emoto


Water Crystal exposed to words "You disgust me." Photo credit to Dr. Masaru Emoto


Water Crystal exposed to word "Evil." Photo credit to Dr. Masaru Emoto

If you'd like to watch sound change physical matter in real time...

There are tons of super cool videos on youtube showing water, as well as other objects, being moved/rearranged by sound vibrations. Look them up if you are interested! :)

This phenomena is known as Cymatics.


Here is one of my favorite videos. It shows a wide array of material being moved by the sound vibrations being played.

Videos like this show the physical effect sound/energy has on material objects. Since our bodies are made out of water and other material, this video shows how sound/energy can be used to not only relax us, but it can physically affect the material that our bodies are made out of to create molecular cohesion or molecular chaos if we wish.

... let me say that again, cause I think it is so cool! :) ...Sound/energy can be used to create cohesion or chaos within matter and particles. Thus, it can be used to do the same within the body's particles... that is just soooooo cool! :)

I hope that the information presented here helps you to feel more empowered and inspired. YOU truly do have the power to create a healthy, relaxing environment within your body. You can say kind words to yourself and play soothing music. Your molecules will's a science thing. And it is pretty cool! :)

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