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Jade Cienega
The Power of Spiritual Emotional Healing

My goal is to empower you with the ability to create more joy, bliss, peace, harmony, and connection in your own life and in the world. Together, we can create a change and make a difference. We can create a more loving, kind and beautiful world.
My sessions are offered via internet, so we can chat from anywhere in the world, and you can relax in the comfort of your own home.

How will we Create New Empowering Changes in your Life?
  1. Identify and discuss what is currently creating emotional triggers in your life
  2. Use spiritual techniques to find the core root of your emotional triggers
  3. Transmute/Integrate/Heal the root of the emotional triggers (using spiritual healing techniques)
  4. Intentionally create new empowering thought patterns in the brain, creating deep healing on an emotional, mental and physical level. This leads to a healthier state of mind and body, and healthier habits. ...And this leads to a more empowering life!*
Skills you can develop with Jade's Spiritual Emotional Healing and Relationship Coaching*:
  • Create more authentic Relationships

  • Learn how to understand healthy boundaries and maintain a sense of self

  • Develop a greater capacity to feel/heal emotions

  • Develop the skills to process and heal painful emotions/experiences on your own and with loved ones

  • Feeling Confident

  • Develop a deeper connection/understanding of old suppressed emotions

  • Enhance skills of relaxation and maintaining natural health

  • Grow a deeper connection to the universe and the life force that lives in everything (including you)

*These are results commonly reported from Jade's clients during or after working with her. However, results are never promised or guaranteed.

Spiritual Energy Healing is Natural

Hi! My name is Jade.

I love helping people heal from the inside out! Most of us are born with a natural ability to heal. If we get a cut, the cut heals all on its own. Our bodies naturally and seemingly magically heal.


However, if we get stressed or go through trauma this can hinder our bodies' natural ability to heal. So I am here as a coach or teacher to remind you how to connect to that natural healer that lives inside of you! This natural healing power has the power to heal our bodies, minds, life, relationships and even our world :)

Natural healing power is available to us physically, mentally and emotionally. As children, we are born whole and complete, but throughout life, we often forget how beautiful and perfect we truly are. If we go through painful experiences or hardships (or if we just have normal, stressful experiences) we may hold onto emotional, mental, or physical discomfort long after the stressful event is over.


So sometimes we need a little reminder or catalyst to connect us to the perfect, beautiful soul that lives within us and has always been there. And once we can connect to that inner soul, our emotional pain can begin to heal naturally, too.


My healing techniques are intended to deepen the innate connection we have to the soul that lives inside us; the inner healer that we all have in our souls... the magic that makes our hearts beat and our lungs breathe. 

In my sessions, I use sounds and frequencies that are known to restructure and harmonize the energy field of the body, heart and mind. I also use healing techniques like shadow work and energy healing that are credited to heal deep trauma.

It is commonly known that stress and emotional trauma are two of the leading causes of discomfort and pain. The techniques that I use encourage the client to relax and let go of stress/trauma. This allows the body's cells to rejuvenate and heal naturally. This allows for the awakening of the client's inner healer.

Throughout my sessions, I offer tools and tips for my clients to help them enhance their skills around relaxation, healing and many other things. Most of us don't realized that relaxing is actually a skill that we can develop, so I help my clients to develop this skill. I also help my clients develop the skill of being present and connecting with their emotions. This is a powerful healing tool in and of itself. All of the tools I share help clients to grow more adept at healing themselves.

I enjoy teaching people how amazing they are and connecting them to their own inner power and healer. As a child and throughout most of my young adult life, I personally struggled with chronic pain, autoimmune disorders and intense anxiety/depression. In my mid 20's, I discovered the practice of meditation, energy healing and sound healing. Through these practices, I was able to completely heal myself and all aspects of my life. My experience has helped me to grow spiritually and gave me the gift of sharing healing with others.

This gift has completely changed my relationship with life and the world around me. We all have the capacity to feel our inner power and share love the world around us.

Follow your peaceful, joyful heart. It will lead you to magnificent places.

Sending blessings of pure light and love to you :)


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